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Image converter 2.1 scaricare

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Scarica gratis l'ultima versione di Free Image Convert and Resize. Leggi la Autore. DvdVideosoft. Dimensione. 9,47 Mb. Download totali. Free Image Convert and Resize: convertire, ridimensionare e rinominare Scarica. Dim.: MB, Ver.: Free Image Convert and Resize è un. Download AVS Image Converter Cambia il formato delle immagini e applica degli effetti speciali. AVS Image Converter è un programma che ti. Il portale ITALIANO dei download GRATIS. AVS Image Converter v - ITA Total Image Converter permette di convertire immagini in altri formati. Scarica l'ultima versione dei migliori software, giochi, programmi e app del Image Converter for Mac Licenza AnyVideo Converter HD

Nome: image converter 2.1 scaricare
Formato: Fichier D’archive
Sistemi operativi: Android. iOS. MacOS. Windows XP/7/10.
Licenza: Solo per uso personale (acquista più tardi!)
Dimensione del file: 55.20 Megabytes

Image converter 2.1 scaricare

Almost 4 out of 5 mobile users use a browser that is able to display webp images. Yet, on most websites, they are served jpeg images, which are typically double the size of webp images for a given quality. What a waste of bandwidth! This plugin was created to help remedy that situation.

With little effort, WordPress admins can have their site serving autogenerated webp images to browsers that supports it, while still serving jpeg and png files to browsers that does not support webp. The plugin uses the WebP Convert library to convert images to webp. WebP Convert is able to convert images using multiple methods.

I enjoy developing this, and supporting you guys, but I kind of need the bread too. Please make it possible for me to continue wasting time on this plugin:. Varied image responses : WebP Express creates redirection rules for images, such that a request for a jpeg will result in a webp — but only if the request comes from a webp-enabled browser.

Basta apportare una delle modifiche menzionate poco fa, niente paura: Image Converter farà il resto. Tutto chiaro, tutto semplice e veloce: snello, a volte, è bello.

Tutti gli speciali. Utility Kigo Image Converter La conversione? Una cosetta da poco. Passa da un formato all'altro, a velocità della Scarica Kigo Image Converter. With the Polish feature, you will not need WebP Express. You can configure the CDN not to cache jpeg images by adding the following page rule: If rule matches: example. You can set up another CDN on another provider , which you just use for handling the images.

You need to configure that CDN to forward the Accept header. From version 0. This header is however overwritten by the caching machinery on WP engine. As a work-around, I modified the response of the script for WP engine. Instead of serving the image, it serves a redirect to itself.

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As there now IS a corresponding webp, this repeated request will not be redirected to the PHP script, but directly to the webp. And headers are OK for those redirects.

If you contrary to this headline! It will give you 3 months free and it will give me a reward too, if you should decide to stay there. Here you go: Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine. There is really no need to do this anymore, because WebP Express is now capable of replacing img tags with picture tags check out the Alter HTML option.

If you want to ShortPixel to create tags but still want the magic to work on other images such as images are referenced from CSS or javascript : — Open WebP Express options — Switch to Varied image responses mode.

Tutti i programmi su Download Astro

However, the images that are referenced causes the WebP Express Auto convert feature to kick in and generate webp images for each image on that page. ShortPixel or Cache Enabler?

This is good for performance. However, this also locks you to using that plugin for caching. With ShortPixel, you can keep using your favourite caching plugin. You could however add that manually. Cache Enabler is used for generating and caching two versions of the HTML one for webp-enabled browsers and one for webp-disabled browsers.

The reason for doing this could be: 1. Doing that would increase the risk of cache MISS, and you therefore decided that do not want to do that. You think it is problematic that when a user saves an image, it has the jpg extension, even though it is a webp image. WebP Express for example also replaces background urls in inline styles. Secondly, Cache enabler has problems in edge cases. Thirdly, WebP Express can be configured to alter HTML to point to corresponding webp images, before they even exists which can be used in conjunction with the the Convert non-existing webp-files upon request option.

If you want to Cache Enabler to create tags but still want the magic to work on other images such as images are referenced from CSS or javascript : — Open WebP Express options — Switch to Varied image responses mode.

It needs page visits in order to do the conversions. Bulk conversion is on the roadmap, but until then, you need to visit all pages of relevance. You can either do it manually, let your visitors do it that is: wait a bit , or, if you are on linux, you can use wget to grab your website:. Clear the Cache Enabler cache. Optionally add Cache Enabler rewrite rules in your.

The most common way of lazy-loading is by setting a data-src attribute on the image and let javascript use that value for setting the src attribute. That method works, as the image request, seen from the server side, is indistinguishable from any other image request. It could however be that some obscure lazy load implementation would load the image with an XHR request. I have only tested the above in Varied image responses mode, but it should also work in CDN friendly mode.

There can be instances where you actually need to serve a jpeg or png. For example if you are demonstrating how a jpeg looks using some compression settings. It is possible to bypass both the redirection and the HTML altering for certain images. Here is how:. You can exploit that and simply add ie? Redirection To bypass the redirection , you can add the following in the. The rules needs to be added above the rules inserted by WebP Express.

If you got any further questions, look at, or comment on this topic. The 0. This failure could leave an incomplete installation. With important files missing — such as the main plugin file — WordPress no longer registers that the plugin is there it is missing from the list.

However, the folder is there in the file system and trying to install WebP Express again fails because WordPress complains about just that.

The setting will be intact.

The filenames that caused the trouble where fixed in 0. No schedule. I move forward as time allows. I currently spend a lot of time answering questions in the support forum. If someone would be nice and help out answering questions here, it would allow me to spend that time developing.

Also, donations would allow me to turn down some of the more boring requests from my customers, and speed things up here. Here are my current plans ahead: 0. Unfortunately, the javascript librare does not currently support srcset attributes, which is why I moved this item down the priority list. We need srcset to be supported for the feature to be useful. If you wish to affect priorities, it is certainly possible.

You can try to argue your case in the forum or you can simply let the money do the talking. By donating as little as a cup of coffee on ko-fi. I shall take these wishes into account when prioritizing between new features. Easy enough! Or here. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.

Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed. If you experienced update problems due to the update bug, you will probably be left with an incomplete installation. Some of the plugin files are there, but not all. Especially, the main plugin file webp-express. For more info, see the closed issues on the 0. Some rules are needed where the source files are located, some where the webp files are located.

The following security fixes has been applied in 0. This is a very serious flaw, which unfortunately has been around for quite a while. It was not the bug itself, but the error message it generated, that caused the images to be corrupted. It only happened when debugging was enabled in php.

The Api version combobox in Remote WebP Express converter was showing on new sites, but I only want it to show when old api is being used. Also uses less resources and handles when images are changed. Traduci nella tua lingua. Hai qualcosa da dire? Ti serve aiuto? Problemi risolti negli ultimi due mesi:. Chiedi nel forum di supporto. Fai una donazione per lo sviluppo. Vai al contenuto WordPress. Descrizione Almost 4 out of 5 mobile users use a browser that is able to display webp images.

The image converter The plugin uses the WebP Convert library to convert images to webp. By altering the HTML, replacing image tags with picture tags.

Missing webps are auto generated upon visit. The replacements only being made for browsers that supports webp.

Again, missing webps are auto generated upon visit. In combination with Cache Enabler , the same as above can be achieved, but with page caching. Benefits Much faster load time for images in browsers that supports webp. The converted images are typically less than half the size for jpeg , while maintaining the same quality. Bear in mind that for most web sites, images are responsible for the largest part of the waiting time. With Mozilla and Microsoft finally on board , these numbers are bound to increase.

Check current numbers on caniuse. Reducing network traffic reduces electricity consumption which reduces CO2 emissions. Limitations The plugin should now work on Microsoft IIS server , but it has not been tested thoroughly. Please make it possible for me to continue wasting time on this plugin: Buy me a Coffee Become a backer or sponsor on Patreon. Screenshot schermate di esempio WebP Express settings. Operation modes As sort of a main switch, you can choose between the following modes of operation: Varied image responses : WebP Express creates redirection rules for images, such that a request for a jpeg will result in a webp — but only if the request comes from a webp-enabled browser.

Tweaked : Here you have all options available. Conversion methods WebP Express has a bunch of methods available for converting images: Executing cwebp binary, Gd extension, Imagick extension, ewww cloud converter and remote WebP express. Check out this wiki page on how to do that Quality detection of jpegs If your server has Imagick extension or is able to execute imagemagick binary, the plugin will be able to detect the quality of a jpeg, and use that quality for the converted webp.

Notes Note: The redirect rules created in. FAQ How do I verify that the plugin is working? You can also setup the ewww conversion method. To use it, you need to purchase an api key. Check out this page on the webp-convert wiki. Finally, if you have access to another server and are comfortable with installing projects with composer, you can install webp-convert-cloud-service.

Blank images in Safari? Can some of these go wrong? If this has happened, it is critical that you purge the CDN cache! Otherwise the all important Vary:Accept response header will not be set on the response.

However, that module is fortunately very common. I have posted a possible solution to make the rules work without SetEnv here.

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You might want to modify or disable that. Why do I not see the option to set WebP quality to auto? I have added a feature request here. Go to Distribution settings , find the Behavior tab , select the Behavior and click the Edit button. How do I make it work with CDN? However, there are other pitfalls. How will that play out? So it is important that WebP Express gets there first. The complete page using output buffering The content filtering hooks gets to process the content before output buffering does.

Buffering is started before hooks WP Super Cache Output buffering init default 10 With output buffering the plugin that starts the output buffering first gets to process the output last.

I am on Cloudflare Without configuration, Cloudflare will not maintain separate caches for jpegs and webp; all browsers will get jpeg.

To make WebP Express work on a free Cloudflare account, you have the following choices: You can configure the CDN not to cache jpeg images by adding the following page rule: If rule matches: example.

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I am on WP Engine From version 0. Cache Enabler is used for generating and caching two versions of the HTML one for webp-enabled browsers and one for webp-disabled browsers The reason for doing this could be: 1. Does it work with lazy loaded images? Can I make an exceptions for some images? Alternatively, you can specify the filenames individually in the. When is feature X coming? How do I buy you a cup of coffee? After working out the kinks, and getting the plugin compatible with all of the server configs out there, this plugin is simply magic.

One of the top plugins on WP. Really well written and conceived plugin that tackles a complex issue. I'm not usually a "leaves reviews on wordpress. I had no trouble setting this up and was especially grateful for the Nginx rewrite rules being included in the FAQ. Worked as expected and I was up and running in a few minutes.

Anyone thinking this plugin should work in every possible scenario, without some basic knowledge about hosting environment and a skillset to make some minor adjustments, is being unrealistic and giving good developers like this reason not to share quality work.

Don't do that. This is the good stuff. I guess this could be a good plugin - if I could get help to resolve problems I have with it! But in my case it broke parts of my site - so after a patient wait for some support I had to uninstall this plugin and still live without WebP images on my travel blog.

A shame! This plugin is essential to any build I make or work on for clients.

Anyone have a working configuration? Collaboratori rosell. Ti interessa lo sviluppo? Changelog registro delle modifiche 0. Problem was introduced in 0. Thanks to Jacob Gullberg from Sweden for discovering this bug. Thanks to jonathanernst for discovering issue and supplying the patch. Thanks to cng11 for reaching out so I spotted this.

Ewww conversion method no longer does a remote api-key check for each conversion — so it is faster. If an ewww conversions fails due to a non-functional key, the key will not be tried again until next time the options are saved Updated cwebp binaries to version 1.

Thanks to Gunnar Peipman from Estonia for suggesting this. It was buggy when file extension contained uppercase letters. This gave trouble with images located in plugins. Thanks to Guillaume Meyer from Switzerland for discovering and reporting. You can now choose which folders WebP Express is active in. WebP Express can now handle when wp-content is symlinked. Added option to convert only PNG files And a couple of bugfixes. Fixed bug: It turns out that Imagick gives up quality detection for some images and returns 0.

This resulted in very poor quality webps when the quality was set to same as jpeg. The 0 is now treated as a failure and the max-quality will be used for such images. Thanks to sanjayojha from India for reporting that there were quality problems on some images. Fixed bug-like behavior: The conversion scripts no longer requires that the respective setting is on for Nginx. Thanks to Mike from Russia for reporting this.

Fixed bug: The error handler in webp-convert for handling warnings could in some cases result in endless recursion. For some the result was that they could no longer upload images.

Thanks to Tobias Keller from Germany for reporting this bug. Thanks to Giacomo Lawrance from the U. Fixed minor bug: It was not tested whether a corresponding webp existed before trying to deleting it when an image was deleted. This produced warnings in debug. Security related: Added sanitizing of paths to avoid false positives on coderisk.

This was simply done in order get rid of the warnings at coderisk.